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I think this cap pretty much sums up our family… we’re extreme dorks

and then there’s Ara flying thru the air… not sure how I got that tbh LOL

OH Haaaaaaah… I never saw this oops!! KDDJSDJJ ara flying though…DKDJSDJ

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can we just talk about how our puppets had clones

o and yk newly married /o/


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grow for papa me lovelies~

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Admiring Those from Afar



(This is a story from a point of view of a few of three characters on the 3 different servers I’m active on. They’re all ‘me’ but in a way they have their own personaltiies. The people mentioned who I would love to read this is.

Ulreki, Rosetta, Coy, Lelou, Nouv, Laem, Mistreil, Haloe, Gooeh, Amir, Aydub, and Buggy.

No one should be disappointed that they aren’t on the list of people I admire, not that I expect anyone to because it’s my personal opinion.  I’m not trying to popular, I’m not trying to get attention, I’m merely stating positive things and nothing negative, and well.. this isn’t just for those people to read, anyone can read it! I’ve worked on it feels like at least a month or so now, since I took a small hiatus.)

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aw thanks, this is really sweet

i hope i can keep doing what you enjoy 8)


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A small guide to making money in Mabinogi.


I always get a ton of people asking how I make money in Mabinogi. I do multiple things to earn the money I have, without needing to buy gacha, or spend any real life money. So read more if you’d like to know this helpful tip!

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So while synthing the book glitched onto my hand… I took pics to remember this moment.

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It begins.

Might as well make use of this free VIP

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random caps

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Something is not right.

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